Ready to Restore Your Gut and Ditch Your Symptoms for Good?

I learned how to transform my health, digestion, and body –– and I’m here to help you do it, too!

I know right now, that may seem like a dream. You want to be able to enjoy your meals and feel great in your body, but you’ve been struggling with your gut health far too long. You dream of feeling free of constipation and uncomfortable bowel movements, satisfied after eating, and filled with energy, but in reality, you feel:

Hey there, I’m Kelly!

With my help, you can:
  • banish the bloat and other digestive issues
  • reduce brain fog and anxiety, gain energy
  • feel comfortable and confident in your body

Let me tell you that there is hope and it is possible to live without disruptive gut symptoms! 

Let me tell you a story…

Ever since I was young, I have always had health issues. In high school, I struggled with very painful, heavy periods and migraine headaches. I also was very overweight and this only continued to get worse when I went to college. That’s when I noticed that I began relying on acid reducers, and everything I ate caused my body distress. I felt bloated often, struggled with constipation, but I ignored the symptoms and just dealt with them popping something from the pharmacy each time they came up. Even though I was a pre-med student and Biology major, I ignored my body’s signs and symptoms that something was wrong.

My gut problems persisted. They didn’t improve because I kept eating all of the foods that were making the problems worse. I wasn’t paying close attention to how certain foods were making my stomach feel. My stomach would ache afterward, my pants fit tight, and going to the bathroom was a less than pleasant experience with all the cramping and difficult.

When I became an adult, I really resented my body. In an effort to lose weight, I bounced around from diet to diet, cutting calories and eventually carbs, doing boot camp workouts and spin classes almost daily and even though I thought I was doing everything right, all I was doing was just stressing my body. Soon, I was diagnosed with PCOS and Anxiety. I continued to feel miserable and this just got worse when I became a mom. I resented my body and felt that it betrayed me. I didn’t recognize it when I looked in the mirror and despite my efforts to eat healthy and exercise, I didn’t look or feel as healthy as I believed I should have looked and felt. I was frustrated and thought my body wasn’t working quite right. This was all because I was just feeding my gut problems. Even worse, I felt exhausted, sick, and anxious all the time. I never had any energy, my body hurt, and my digestion was a mess.

After my second baby was born, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and adrenal issues. So, I did what most people do and I read every book, tried every program, and well… nothing worked for me. I sought out the help of a functional doctor and a naturopathic physician and made some progress, but still didn’t feel great and I still had lots of symptoms like poor sleep, low energy, anxiety and stubborn weight.

Hitting Rock Bottom...

Once the pandemic hit, my stress was at an all time high (like everyone!) and my body responded. I was soon diagnosed with another autoimmune disease, Alopecia Areata, which caused me to develop bald spots and lose my hair. I was embarrassed and miserable. I knew I really needed to get to the bottom of my symptoms. Why was my immune system so overreactive and how would I stop this from happening again?

I felt like I had hit rock bottom and researched anything and everything related to autoimmunity and that’s when I found the connection with gut health. Until I truly dug in and gained the knowledge, I had no idea how my gut and my whole body were being impacted my habits (food, movement, stress management and sleep). 

The Journey to Healing

I began to look more closely at my life and at my diet, suddenly realizing that the food I was eating was just contributing to the problem. All it took was a bit of research for me to see what I needed to see. My food choices, exercise, sleep, stress management and minerals were having a negative impact on my gut, and my poor gut health was having a negative impact on the rest of my health and my life.

My research led me to realize that my gut health is connected to the rest of my health. So, after hours of research and plenty of time figuring out what worked best for my body, I ditched all those gut issues. As a result, I ditched a ton of other issues.
I enrolled in program after program, received certification after certification and learned how to allow my body to heal. In just a few weeks, I saw a change. I was less anxious, had less stomach pains and felt better as a whole. My hair grew back, my periods became regular, my digestion normalized,

I lost weight, I was anxiety free and my thyroid antibodies were completely gone. I began to feel like the person I was meant to be and since then, I’ve only gotten better.


A New Found Purpose...

My experience changed my life in wonderful ways and now, I’m on a path to help others. I want to help you reclaim your life by helping you bring balance back to your body!

As a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Restorative Wellness Practitioner, I have the passion, experience, and knowledge to help you achieve your health goals and kick those gut issues to the curb for good.
In addition to helping you get your gut in the right place so you can live a healthy, comfortable life, I also have the personal experience to guide you and support you as you work to reach your health goals and reclaim your life!